Temple Chai / Beth Am Program for Youth

Temple Chai / Beth Am Program for Youth is our youth group for young adults in grades 9-12. ChAmPY is an active youth group that sponsors a mix of social, social action, and learning activities. ChAmPY sponsors retreats once a year typically held at OSRUI (one of the regional camps of the Reform Movement) in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. ChAmPY also invents and staffs many of the games at the annual Purim Carnival as well as overseeing food drives and other social action projects throughout the year. Through participation in ChAmPY, our Beth Am high schoolers have the opportunity to meet Jewish teens from all over the Midwest. Many diverse friendships and strong Jewish identities are formed through participation in ChAmPY.

The purpose of ChAmPY is to unite Reform Jewish youth in a youth run federation so that they may cooperate and collectively benefit in the pursuit of their common aim. ChAmPY serves as an additional social outlet for Reform Jewish youth and will help them take their place in the Jewish community as well as prepare themselves for future repsonsiblities as adult members of society. Members of ChAmPY will work together to promote awareness of Reform Judaism and make the moral and social values of their Judaism functional attributes in their daily lives. ChAmPY makes Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, a priority and focus of their daily lives.