Hebrew Resource Room

Morah Iris Shapiro


Today in class we worked on:
9/18 –
1.  Daled students Reviewed the Barachu. Did pages 5 and 6 in the Daled book.
2.  Became familar with their personal siddur.
3. Played Hebrew Letter Bingo
4. Bet and Gimel students reviewed Hebrew letters using flash cards.
5. Played Hebrew vowel sound game and Hebrew Letter board game.
Homework to be completed by next class: 
9/18 – Daled students are to practice the Barachu. Bet and Gimel students have o homework.




Today in class we worked on: 
9/11 – reviewing letter and vowels sounds.   Aleph students played a board game where they had to say the name of the letter that they landed on. We reviewed the names of the letters using flash cards.      Bet students reviewed the vowel sounds using flash cards.  We reviewed the Shema and the pages we did in the prayer companion book. We ended our time together playing Hebrew letter Go Fish. Dialed students reviewed vowel sounds playing the Vowel Dice game. We also went over the prayers they have been working on.
Homework to be completed by next class:
9/11 – Please complete homework that your teacher assigned in class.  If you have questions, we can go over them during our next class.