Gimel 3 gimel – 3rd Year 
Morah Judy Rogin



Today in class we worked on:
9/17 –
1) We worked on chapter 2 in our sefer. The chapter is about the blessings, and how each blessing starts with a formula. Ask your student to recite a blessing, (it could be for wine, bread, etc…) and to point out the blessing formula. A hint is it a blessing starts with Baruch.
2) Ask your child if they remember the root/shoresh of the word blessing.
Homework to be completed by next class:
9/17 – Your student has three pages of homework. It is review of what we learned today. Please make sure your student has a dedicated Hebrew school folder. This is to keep their homework neat, safe, and easily retrieved.



Today in class we worked on:
9/11 –
1) We got to introduce ourselves by saying our name with the Hebrew word for I.
2) We reviewed some basics about the Hebrew language, such as pronouns for I, He, and She.
3) We touched, briefly, on the BeGaDKaPhaT letters, and telling the difference between a change in pronunciation, and doubling. Ask your child what they can tell you about this.
4) We started, and finished chapter one, about the Modeh/ Modah Ahni in our Sefer. Ask your child what this prayer is about.
Homework to be completed by next class:
9/11 – Two pages from the supplementary text. It’s just review to keep the ideas fresh.