Bet 2 bet – 2nd Year 
Morah Anna Volchek


Today in class we worked on:
11/13 – Time flew by in a blink of an eye today in the Bet classroom. We focused on reading to reinforce greater fluency and worked on comprehension. Talmidim worked with stories “Achbar ba Sukkah” ( Mouse in the House) p.20-21, “Torah -Matanah Tovah” ( Torah- greatest gift ) p. 24. We had Hebrew school pizza dinner.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving,
morah Anna. 
Homework to be completed by next class:
11/13 – “Shalom Ivrit”
1. Read story “Geshem” (Rain) p.25.
2. Study vocab words p.21,
3. Complete pp 22-23 if you havent done



Today in class we worked on:
11/6 – Kitah Bet had a very busy and productive day of learning. After discussing AlephBet quiz, that students took last Tuesday, we continued working on new vocabulary and reinforcing prevously learnd. Students enjoyed practicing their Hebrew by reading out sceneriou from our workbook, by playing “reading train” game, and asking Rabbi Prass questions in Hebrew.
Six graders led the Hebrew school in Tefillah singing “Hine ma Tov”. We discussed what it means to find your voice and how we can use our voices to make a better world, to vote, to lead a prayer or use your voice to lift other people up.
Homework to be completed by next class:
11/6 – “Shalom Ivrit”
1. Complete pp 22-23
2.Read story pp18-19. Answer two questions ( in English ):

Who is in the Sukkah?
Who is not in the Sukkah?



Today in class we worked on:
10/30 – Shalom, today after we had a planned firedrill. The talmidim took a short Alef-bet quiz, kitah Bet continued working on understanding masculine and feminine forms of the Hebrew words, used vocabulary from Chapters 1 and 2 to play maching games and practiced building short sentences.
Homework to be completed by next class:
10/30 – “Shalom Ivrit”:
1. read vocab.words p.19
2. make flash cards with vocab words p.19
3. study the vocab words p.19 for short quiz.
4. Bonus: ptactice reading Chapter story p.18-19



Today in class we worked on:
10/23 – Taking attendance and collecting Tzedakah. As a review of the letters/vowels we know, each child had a turn being the “teacher” and writing clues for the others to guess the letter and/or vowel sound. We also practiced the “speed game” where each child reads a letter and random words from our textbook from the lessons we learned. The new letter and vowel we learned today are: Gimmel (G sound) and the “Eh” vowels. Please ask your child the clues I give them to remember any letter or vowel sound. We practiced writing the new letter and keywords of: Shemesh (Sun) and Geshem (rain), also reading various words by using our decoding skills (breaking down each letter sound with the vowel sound). Our art project was “The Kotel;” writing a note to G-d by using a couple of Hebrew words, and placing that note within the “bricks” of the Western Wall. The torn up brown construction paper represented the bricks. Ask your child to see their masterpiece. We also played Hebrew/English Combination of 20 questions.
Homework to be completed by next class:
10/23 – Behrman House, play 1-2 of the games and get acquanted with the site. If you’re not able to get on, please contact the #800 number for customer support.

Please encourage your child to share what they learned in class, to complete homework in a timely matter, and verify that they come to class weekly with all items; textbook, notebook, folder, and sharpened pencils.
Thank you ☺



Today in class we worked on:
10/16 – Shalom!
Today in class we reviewd vocbulary from Chapters 1 and 2 of the “Shalom Ivrit”. Students worked on understanding differences between masculine and feminine forms of the verb Gar/Garah ( lives) and practiced to build first simple sentences in Hebrew.
During all school Tefillah led by Rabbi Prass we talked about importance and meaning of stopping for moments for quiet, and prayer.
Homework to be completed by next class:
10/16 – “Shalom Ivrit”:
1. Practice reading Chapter 2 story pp10-11.
2. Add vocab words from p 11 to the flashcards.
3. Complete pp12-13
4.practice flashcards



Today in class we worked on:
10/9 – Chapter 2; the children wrote the dictionary words on index cards, we started reading the story and page 12. We did HTM (sit down, stand up, tap on the table slow/fast), we played Judaic 20 questions, and we had pizza dinner as a Hebrew school congregation.
Homework to be completed by next class:
10/9 – review reading chapter 2 and complete page 13.



Today in class we worked on:
10/2 – We worked in our textbook, Shalom Ivrit, review letters and vowels, introduce new vocab (blue box) p.4., write new vocab words on the index cards, read p.4 chapter 1 story. We made such good progress, that we moved on to page 5.
Homework to be completed by next class:
10/2 – practice reading Chapter1 story p.4
learn vocab words




Today in class we worked on:
9/25 – Shalom and Welcome to Kitah Bet!

To help us learn about each other we began our class with the icebreaker games and continued with reviewing letters and vowel sounds of the AlefBet.

We had a special Tefillah with Rabbi Prass in the Sukkah. We talked about holiday of Sukkot and students took turns shaking lulav and etrog and practice Sukkot blessings.

Students had their first Hebrew Thru Movement lesson. We focused on first simple commands to sit (lashevet), to stand (lakoom) and to walk (lalechet).

It was a great start to the Hebrew school and I’m looking forward to the awesome year together!
Homework to be completed by next class:
9/25 –
1.Review letters and vowel sounds of the AlefBet.
2.Bring index cards.