3rd Grade

Morah Miranda Wilgus


Today in class we worked on:
9/17 –
1) Today we continued with last week’s Torah lesson, learning the first parshat (chapter) of the Torah that talks about how the world was created. After going back over the story, students did exercises in their text book and started on their illustrated Torah scrolls.
2) Gan – 3rd grade joined Rabbi Bellows for tefillot
3) Gan – 3rd grade joined Morah Ari and Matthew for shirah.
Homework to be completed by next class:
9/17 – Please complete the first page in you’re a Child’s Bible Game Book.


Today in class we worked on:
9/8 – Today was our first day of the new year Religious School year. We got  to know one another, discussed what we will learn this year, rules for the classroom and expectations. It was also great to meet so many parents at the open house.

We then looked at the way that cycles inhabit the world around us, from time in hours, days, weeks, months, to the life cycle and more. Around all of these is God, who created all. We will discuss God throughout the as well as the teaching and history given us by the Torah.

We began our textbook – A Child’s Bible – together, reading the introduction and beginning our first chapter about how the universe and everything around us came to be. We went over the days of creation together. We finished the day playing hodgy podgy to review what we had learned.

We also joined the K-3 classes for a great session of Shirah with Morah Ari.
Homework to be completed by next class:
9/8 – Remember to bring your textbook and something to write with each week. Please bring in ideas for a tzedakah project that we will vote on as a class for the year.